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These French courses respond to the requirements of the Swedish CSN, concerning the duration, amount of hours, and the evaluation of the acquired knowledge. Our services include filling out the subscription form for the CSN and sending it to you without any further delay.

Special conditions

- The course has to be of a minimum duration of 13 weeks
- The course offers a minimum of 15 hours per week (standard course)
- You will have to sit an exam at the end of your course

French courses accredited by the CSN

We propose two types of French courses letting you benefit from the advantages of the CSN:

- Long-term standard course
- Long-term intensive course

Starting dates of the courses

- Elementary (A1, A2), intermediate (B1, B2) and advanced (C1, C2) : every Monday
- Beginner (A0) and expert (C2): see starting dates

Workshops compatible with the long-term standard course

DELF preparation workshops and Business French workshops

Diplomas available with these courses

Your French course has to be attested by a diploma or a test. It's because of this that the school Azurlingua has created the "Certificat d'Étude du Français" (French studies certificate), an exam immediately available when you have finished the last day of your course. Also by simply asking us, we can subscribe you for the following official exams : DELF, TCF, Diplôme de la Sorbonne.

Price of the course

Alternating timetable

Monday, Wednesday, Friday from 8:45am to 12pm and Tuesday, Thursday from 2:45pm to 6pm


Monday, Wednesday, Friday from 2:45pm to 6pm and Tuesday, Thursday from 8:45am to 12pm

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100% of Azurlingua students were successful on the Dec. 2011 session of the DELF
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