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French Courses in France with Azurlingua school

Azurlingua is one of the most
reputable French schools in France.

As a member of SOUFFLE, it respects a strict code of quality and benefits from national and international recognition (Université Sorbonne Paris IV, CSN suédois , Bildungsurlaub allemand, Truman University, FIYTO ...).

Among the free, educational sites to learn French online, the most well known is BONJOUR DE FRANCE. Azurlingua helps you improve your knowledge of French on the internet. 

Because our main puropse is teaching French as a Foreign Language in France through communicative teaching methods, and because nothing replaces the benefits of full language immersion, our language school encourages you to follow one of our programs to study French. 

Advantages of Azurlingua
"You will benefit from high quality education"
All of our courses are taught by experienced teachers.Their content is consistant with the European Framework of Reference for Language.
"You can take one of our French courses every Monday"
Our school is open all year and accepts all levels, including complete beginners. 
"You have the opportunity to discover the French Riviera, a region with a unique cultural heritage"
During your free time, our activity leaders will organize excursions and activities in which they encourage you to speak French. 
"You have a large choice of accommodations and a range of practical services"
Accommodation in French host families or residences, Airport transfers, WI-FI connection and free shuttle bus (in summer months)...
"You can opt for specialized courses if you are under the age of 18 or if you want to teach French"
Language stays for teenagers combining French lessons, excursions and leisure activities or training for eligible teachers under the European Program COMENIUS.


Welcome to Azurlingua

Here is a video presentation of the school. Look no further, Azurlingua in Nice is the place for you!

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100% success rate
100% of Azurlingua students were successful on the Dec. 2011 session of the DELF
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has been awarded the "Qualité Français Langue Etrangère" label

Discover France through French Culture.

Training for FLE Teachers
Language Stays 
for teenagers
Courses for established school groups
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