FLE exercises

French Grammar

level Advanced

« Grammar is a sweet, gentle song » Eric Orsenna. Advanced B1-B2 : « I have a good control of grammar; I make occasional mistakes, non-systematic errors and small flaws in sentence structure can occur but they are rare and can often be corrected in retrospect. » CECRL. The particular agreements with the past participle, the fight between subjunctive and indicative, or the attachment of the preposition « en » to the gerund tense will no longer be a mystery to you after studying with Bonjour de France!

N° 32 - 927 French Grammar / Advanced level

» The causative TO DO

Discover a particular use of the verb "to do". You are at the source of the action but it is not you who makes the action. How to say it? Use the caus...

N° 11 - 848 French Grammar / Advanced level

» Expressing hypothesis and condition

If I went to Paris I would go see a show every day... Sentences with "if", conjunctions, prepositions and idioms, etcetera. Making hypothesis in Frenc...

N° 30 - 844 French Grammar / Advanced level

» Rephrasing a sentence - nothing simpler!

Do you find it boring to always repeat the same words like a parrot? Put your linguistic baggage to good use and interpret things your own way.


N° 8 - 690 French Grammar / Advanced level

» Imperfect (imparfait), French grammar

Want to describe a fact or action that's already happened? How about describing your childhood, or maybe just a beautiful landscape? Then this lesson...

N° 8 - 683 French Grammar / Advanced level

» Feminine nouns and adjectives

Grammar exercises from the Sorbonne B1 book. Provided by Vicky Louri-Limniati.

N° 11 - 641 French Grammar / Advanced level

» The infinitive... makes me think of infinity

What if we wrote poetry with the infinitive? Here some exercises about the infinitive!


N° 15 - 616 French Grammar / Advanced level

» Review of logical structures

Making a coherent text isn't easy. Review logical sentence structure to practice.

N° 1 - 603 French Grammar / Advanced level

» The simple future and the masterpieces of French poetry

Approaching grammar from poems.

N° 8 - 561 French Grammar / Advanced level

» The anterior past, another exercise

Graciela has concocted a lesson for you and a grammar exercise on the anterior past.

N° 4 - 554 French Grammar / Advanced level

» A grammatical lesson on the pronoun

Today, we offer you grammar exercises to discover the secrets of the pronoun.

N° 15 - 553 French Grammar / Advanced level

» An expression of cause: even more than, even less than...

Objective: to be able to express cause using the phrases "even more than"... "even less than"... "even better than"...

N° 14 - 516 French Grammar / Advanced level

» Special agreement of the past participle

Bonjour de France offers you a lesson and a series of exercises to help you learn the French grammar.