Envie d'apprendre le français ? Le numéro 25 de Bonjour de France, vous propose des exercices et des leçons pour apprendre le français en ligne. Bonjour de France vous présente la liste de ces exercices classés par numéro et par catégorie.

N° 25 - 636 DELF Training / Beginner level

» DELF Prim (Primary), writing a message

Did you like doing the last written production activity? Here's a practice activity from Bonjour de France.

N° 25 - 635 DELF Training / Beginner level

» DELF Prim (Primary), written production

Would you like to practice written production with your primary students? Read what follows.

N° 25 - 634 DELF Training / Beginner level

» DELF Prim (Primary)

You all know the public DELF but are you familiar with the DELF Prim (Primary)? End of year celebrations are approaching! Don't forget the little ones...


N° 25 - 633 Civilisation / Beginner level

» Animal sounds, beginners French

Do you know what animals sound like in French??? Discover them with this exercise from Bonjour de France.

N° 25 - 632 Scenarios / Beginner level

» Writing the description of an animal

Describing in French. Beginner's French exercise, level A1.

N° 25 - 631 Comprehension / Beginner level

» Understanding the map of the zoo

Today Thomas is going to the zoo!!! Beginner's French exercise: learning animal names and prepositions.


N° 25 - 630 Français précoce / Beginner level

» Vocabulary: animal names in French

Do you know animal names in French??? Bonjour de France has a funny and easy exercise to help!!

N° 25 - 629 Civilisation / Beginner level

» Happy birthday, throwing a party in French

It's Julien's birthday... so come to his party!!!