Envie d'apprendre le français ? Le numéro 25 de Bonjour de France, vous propose des exercices et des leçons pour apprendre le français en ligne. Bonjour de France vous présente la liste de ces exercices classés par numéro et par catégorie.

N° 25 - 628 Business French / Intermediate level

» Commercial process vocabulary

You will learn the vocabulary describing the possible steps between ordering a toy at Christmas time and receiving it.

N° 25 - 627 Comprehension / Beginner level

» How manyof... are there?

Early French exercises. Learning numbers in French and the expression "il y a" (there is/are).

N° 25 - 626 Scenarios / Beginner level

» Asking and telling your age

Ludo, how old are you? I'm ten! Speaking French is easy! Early French exercises.


N° 25 - 625 Comprehension / Beginner level

» Understanding an invitation to a birthday party

It's almost Julien's birthday!!! He's inviting you to his birthday party!!!

N° 25 - 624 Français précoce / Beginner level

» Agreement of colours as adjectives - early French

Does the agreement of colours as adjectives make you see red? Our activity will help you see this grammatical point through rose-coloured glasses.

N° 25 - 615 FLE Teaching / Beginner level

» Class activities: awakening beginners French with the senses

Smell, feel, express: to teach French to a child, playing with the five senses, stimulate his sensations. Early French is child's play.


N° 25 - 613 Français précoce / Beginner level

» Vocabulary: colours - French for Young Children

Does reality seem grey and sad? Abracadabra! A stroke of the brush and all is changed! Discover the world of colours and amuse yourself with the Frenc...

N° 25 - 596 DELF Training / Beginner level

» Reading and understanding: DELF Prim (Primary)

The test of reading comprehension for the DELF Prim is rich in images... of Christmas! Practice with your class!