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Bonjour de France offers various news documents (authentic and didactic) in written and recorded formats, a number of exercises to help improve your understanding of French, and tools for self-assessment. Feel free to test your new knowledge!

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N° 2 - 882 Comprehension / Autonomous level

» Reading comprehension: The cold weather, taste it!

Reading comprehension exercise: The cold weather, taste it! Using the following text, discover a cultural reality of Québec and enlarge your vocabular...

N° 1 - 866 Comprehension / Autonomous level

» St. Barbara's wheat

Come discover a typically provençal Christmas tradition.

N° 16 - 863 Comprehension / Intermediate level

» The present indicatif and the goat tartlets

Want to learn french while cooking? Are you studying the french cuisine? Are you a foodie? Do you like the french culture?


N° 9 - 862 Comprehension / Autonomous level

» Identify a definition and an explanation in a text

Do you want to know how to identify a definition or an explanation in a text? Read the text and answear the questions.

N° 1 - 856 Comprehension / Advanced level

» Scientific French: Understanding Dyslexia

Listening comprehension activity for level B2

N° 11 - 855 Comprehension / Advanced level

» Understanding a popularisation interview

Renewable energy or non renewable energy, that is the question! Level B1 comprehension exercise. Scientific french.


N° 77 - 851 Comprehension / Autonomous level

» The Nobel Prize

Discover the fascinating history of the Nobel Prize thanks to this very interesting video! Go for it!

N° 30 - 843 Comprehension / Intermediate level

» Onion soup with a little bit of present imperatif

Chef Samuel arrives directly from Mexico to make us discover the scents and colors of the french cuisine. French grammar exercise.


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