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Bonjour de France offers various news documents (authentic and didactic) in written and recorded formats, a number of exercises to help improve your understanding of French, and tools for self-assessment. Feel free to test your new knowledge!

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N° 4 - 772 Comprehension / Expert level

» French NGOs, comprehension exercise

Understanding a television program.

N° 2 - 768 Comprehension / Advanced level

» Understanding the origin of March 8th

Surely you know that March 8th is International Women's Day. Do you know how this day came about?

N° 3 - 765 Comprehension / Autonomous level

» Understanding secularism in France

France is a secular nation, like many others. However, there are still some things that are particular to France: read the text and don't forget the e...


N° 13 - 763 Comprehension / Intermediate level

» Exploring the museums of Nice

Read the text about some of Nice's most important museums! These activities will help you get a closer look inside the museums.

N° 15 - 758 Comprehension / Intermediate level

» Understanding a brochure: 'Silence, we dance!'

To familiarize yourself with brochures about outings and events, here are some exercises on an original document: "Silence on danse!"

N° 16 - 757 Comprehension / Advanced level

» The separation of powers and political institutions in France

Learn how the political system works in France.


N° 16 - 756 Comprehension / Advanced level

» The separation of powers

To learn how the political system works in France, you must first know about the different democratic systems.

N° 1 - 753 Comprehension / Intermediate level

» Understanding paperwork and giving simple information

Follow Marina and discover the steps to get your student residence permit!


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