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Bonjour de France offers various news documents (authentic and didactic) in written and recorded formats, a number of exercises to help improve your understanding of French, and tools for self-assessment. Feel free to test your new knowledge!

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N° 7 - 746 Comprehension / Beginner level

» Preparing for your stay in France

A young girl's journal entry about preparing for her stay in France!

N° 28 - 735 Comprehension / Beginner level

» Understanding a tourism advertisement

Need some sun??? Take a vacation with Bonjour de France. Sun, sand, and surf are on the horizon! Comprehension exercise for beginners.

N° 27 - 732 Comprehension / Expert level

» Analyzing and understanding philosophical works

Do you like philosophy, but you're scared of the great founding philosophical works? Liberty, equality... Come enter a great philosophical debate with...


N° 26 - 720 Comprehension / Beginner level

» Understanding a musical agenda: The Midem Festival

Listen to a resident of Cannes talk about the Midem Festival. To find out more, just look at the program!

N° 26 - 716 Comprehension / Advanced level

» Understanding a music review, level B2

Before you go to a theatre production, buy an album or concert tickets, you check out the expert and spectator reviews...

N° 26 - 715 Comprehension / Advanced level

» Understanding a report: music and internet (B2)

What exactly are you buying when you download a movie or an album? Who owns the music that is bought online?


N° 10 - 712 Comprehension / Intermediate level

» Understanding an interview with an artist

Let's discover what Yor thinks of music!

N° 26 - 705 Comprehension / Intermediate level

» Musical instrument riddles

Do you recognize this instrument? Riddles with images and audio clips. Early French.


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