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Bonjour de France offers various news documents (authentic and didactic) in written and recorded formats, a number of exercises to help improve your understanding of French, and tools for self-assessment. Feel free to test your new knowledge!

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N° 3 - 577 Comprehension / Advanced level

» Comprehension exercise: create your own business

You would like to create your own business, but you haven't found an idea yet? Bonjour de France gives you a boost!

N° 23 - 574 Comprehension / Autonomous level

» Understanding tables and statistics in French

Do you have to learn French for work? You're in the right place. Bonjour de France number 23, Business French.

N° 23 - 571 Comprehension / Beginner level

» Listening comprehension: Presenting a professional

FOS: Business French, a lesson and exercises for beginners. Are you ready?


N° 2 - 569 Comprehension / Beginner level

» Understanding an advert

Are you ready to understand an advert in French?

N° 45 - 564 Comprehension / Expert level

» Exercises in legal French: are you being threatened with dismissal at work?

In the event of dismissal, the work code protects you, but you have to know it... and understand it!

N° 4 - 544 Comprehension / Advanced level

» Understanding an advertisement - Adults return from the summer holidays!

And what if children were in charge at school...? Here is a listening comprehension exercise.


N° 3 - 537 Comprehension / Beginner level

» Listening comprehension: a typical day at school

Practice your listening comprehension through the testimonies of two college students on their schedules and their school life.

N° 7 - 525 Comprehension / Advanced level

» Understanding a song: L'instant

Bonjour de France invites you to discover a song by Yor, former teacher of French as a Foreign Language (FLE).


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