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Idiomatic Expressions

Bonjour de France vous invite à découvrir la signification socio-culturelle et historique de nombreuses expressions idiomatiques dites aussi « expressions de la sagesse populaire ». Cette rubrique vous propose différents exercices de choix multiple afin de tester votre compréhension. Une explication simple et illustrée est également à votre disposition.

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N° 18 - 395 Idiomatic Expressions / Expert level

» The straw that broke the camel's back ("La goutte d’eau qui fait déborder le vase", literally "The drop of water that overflows the vase")

Carefully observe the image and try to find the meaning of the very common French expression.

N° 18 - 376 Idiomatic Expressions / Expert level

» You could count them on the fingers of one hand ("Trois pelés et un tondu", literally "Three bold men and a close-cropped one")

Thanks to this section you will learn the literal meaning and the figurative meaning of many French idioms.

N° 18 - 375 Idiomatic Expressions / Expert level

» To laugh one's head off ("Rire comme une baleine", literally "to laugh like a whale")

Yesterday evening at the movies "we laughed like whales" from start to finish! So, "to laugh like a whale" means...


N° 18 - 374 Idiomatic Expressions / Expert level

» Lip-service

Idioms constitute a true means of discovering the French culture and civilization... so are you ready then?

N° 1 - 292 Idiomatic Expressions / Advanced level

» Colours and nuances

French expressions in colors!!! They are great to look really french, it's clear as spring water!

N° 14 - 285 Idiomatic Expressions / Advanced level

» To have doubts ("Avoir la puce à l'oreille", literally "Having a flea in the ear")

Popular wisdom can be expressed by proverbs, sayings and idiomatic expressions.


N° 14 - 284 Idiomatic Expressions / Advanced level

» To take food out of people's hands ("Enveler le pain de la bouche", literally "To take the bread out of the mouth")

If you understand everything and if you are capable of expressing yourself perfectly in French Bonjour de France invites you will "take the bread out...

N° 14 - 283 Idiomatic Expressions / Advanced level

» To be on top of one's game ("Être au sommet de son art", literally "To be at the summit of one's art")

Patrick MOYA "is on top of his game", look at the beautiful illustrations he made for Bonjour de France.


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