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French Vocabulary

Bonjour de France will help you expand your vocabulary by discovering new words, new meanings and new idiomatic expressions. You can use them in different situations, in different fields and at different levels. On your mark, get set... go!

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N° 8 - 804 French Vocabulary / Autonomous level

» FOS: French in the Tourism Sector

Do you work in the tourism sector? Lucky you! Want to learn French? 3, 2, 1... let's go!

N° 28 - 788 French Vocabulary / Advanced level

» Going on vacation, vocabulary B2

Vacation in France! The landscapes, the countryside... Time to hit the road! But: here are some tips and reminders for safe travel.

N° 9 - 767 French Vocabulary / Expert level

» Expressions from Provence and Marseille

There are many unique expressions from Provence and Marseille! With this lesson, you'll be able to speak like a real southerner. Have fun!


N° 27 - 729 French Vocabulary / Intermediate level

» Shops in French

Where do you go to buy bread, medicine, or vegetables? Do you know the names of different shops in French?

N° 13 - 721 French Vocabulary / Advanced level

» Words with meaning that changes depending on the gender

Feminine or masculine? Did you know that in French, there are words that can be either masculine or feminine, with different meanings either way?

N° 12 - 711 French Vocabulary / Intermediate level

» Vocabulary exercise: musical professions

Let's take a trip into the world of music!


N° 6 - 709 French Vocabulary / Intermediate level

» Special event vocabulary

What words should you use to talk about a concert or a concert hall? Enrich your vocabulary and have fun!

N° 26 - 707 French Vocabulary / Advanced level

» Musical actions

This activity contains 4 exercises which will help you learn musical vocabulary. BDF will help you orchestrate your verbs.


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