FLE exercises


level Autonomous

N° 7 - 880 Civilisation / Autonomous level

» The ice canoe, do you recognise it?

Discover a cultural reality of Quebec while enriching your vocabulary!

N° 4 - 857 Civilisation / Autonomous level

» French scientists and their inventions

Biologists, physicists, chemists, mathematicians, engineers and even philosophers, the French inventors have changed our world. Discover the magic of...

N° 7 - 815 Civilisation / Autonomous level

» Honoré d'Estienne d'Orves

A famous character, very important in french history and in that of the city of Nice... Civilization exercise level B1.


N° 1 - 813 Civilisation / Autonomous level

» Fernand Léger's Museum

Art and cubism. A museum in Biot, near Nice, for art lovers or for the curious who want to discover this artist! Exercise level B1.

N° 11 - 808 Civilisation / Autonomous level

» Discover Arles, Level B1

A town painted by Van Gogh, located in French Provence and whose monuments are listed as world heritage sites. Let's discover it!!!

N° 9 - 790 Civilisation / Autonomous level

» Discover the Nice Carnival, level B1

Want to party in Nice? Come experience the Carnival, a mixture of new and old... get to your keyboards! Exercise level B1.


N° 10 - 761 Civilisation / Autonomous level

» Discovering Old Nice

Come take a stroll in one of Nice's most charming areas with this text and use your French to explore its nooks and crannies!

N° 14 - 749 Civilisation / Autonomous level

» July 14th, French national holiday

For those of you who love history and big political changes, here are some exercises to familiarize you with the most important holiday in France!

N° 5 - 595 Civilisation / Autonomous level

» Symbolism of colours around the world, B2

Get a little closer to the colours that colour our world.

N° 11 - 563 Civilisation / Autonomous level

» Understanding a cultural article, Level B1

Read the article by Vojka and then complete the exercises online.

N° 23 - 562 Civilisation / Autonomous level

» Interview with Marc Oddou

Discover the people involved with and news about the French as a Foreign Language... new sections, new exercises.

N° 20 - 458 Civilisation / Autonomous level

» The informatic diploma: B2i and C2i

Do you know about the Brevet informatique et internet (B2i) and the Certificat informatique et internet (C2i)... Exercise for the B2 level.


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