FLE exercises


level Advanced

« La civilisation est une lutte contre la peur », Bouthoul Gaston. Avancé B1-B2 : « Je peux m’exprimer et répondre à un large éventail de fonctions langagières en utilisant leurs expressions les plus courantes dans un registre neutre. » CECRL. À ce niveau, Bonjour de France vous propose de mieux connaître l'organisation politique de la France, ses traditions et de perfectionner votre connaissance des symboles français tout en affinant votre maîtrise de la langue.

N° 11 - 920 Civilisation / Advanced level

» The French Museums... The game of the goose

Want to play a game of the goose about French museums with your students? Here we go... French civilization exercise.

N° 4 - 850 Civilisation / Advanced level

» Marie and Pierre Curie

Do you know Pierre and Marie Curie? Behind their great scientific achievements stands the portrait of an exceptional scientific family.

N° 1 - 817 Civilisation / Advanced level

» Wines from Provence, Level B1

Have you already tried the wines from Provence? Savour them by doing the exercises! French civilization exercise Level B1.


N° 5 - 814 Civilisation / Advanced level

» Discovering Menton, Level B1

Walk through the main tourist places of Menton, then, practice the language with comprehension exercises.

N° 16 - 807 Civilisation / Advanced level

» Russian Orthodox Cathedral in Nice

A charming tourist site and a little bit of history about the russian presence in Nice... Civilization exercise level B1.

N° 9 - 795 Civilisation / Advanced level

» Oceanographic Museum of Monaco

Discover the history of this museum located south of France and practice your French! Bonjour de France provides free exercises!


N° 10 - 793 Civilisation / Advanced level

» Place Garibaldi

Discover Nice's historic landmark Place Garibaldi with this comprehension exercise.

N° 6 - 786 Civilisation / Advanced level

» Discover Antibes

One of the historic towns on the French Riviera. We'll pass under the porch of Old Antibes, go along the ramparts, pass the Picasso museum, then go to...

N° 15 - 784 Civilisation / Advanced level

» Discover the Lérins Islands

Along the coast of Cannes, just a few minutes by boat, lie the Lérins Islands. Come discover the beauty of this place, its mysteries, and in particula...

N° 15 - 783 Civilisation / Advanced level

» Discover the Valley of Wonders

Come discover a hot spot for nature-loving tourists with these exercises!

N° 28 - 782 Civilisation / Advanced level

» A brief history of holidays

Holidays are sacred! For many, they're a fundamental right. They were hard-earned, so come discover their history!

N° 3 - 779 Civilisation / Advanced level

» Discover the 'Train des Pignes', level B2

For thoose who loves beautiful landscapes, discover it's itineray and it's specificities thanks to a text and some exercices...!!!