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Bonjour de France offers various news documents (authentic and didactic) in written and recorded formats, a number of exercises to help improve your understanding of French, and tools for self-assessment. Feel free to test your new knowledge!

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N° 32 - 978 Comprehension / Expert level 2015-11-26 21:10:40

» Discovering JMG Le Clézio, an author of long voyages and poetry

Do you like travelling, distant cultures, switching scenes and the beautiful literature? Go with JMG Le Clézio's literature!! You'll not be disappoint...

N° 32 - 933 Comprehension / Beginner level 2015-11-26 21:09:40

» Gastronomy and FLE (French as a Foreign Language). An easy recipe to prepare: pilaf rice

"Gastronomy is the art of using nourishment to create joy". Come learn the secrets of this discipline with us!!!

N° 32 - 901 Comprehension / Autonomous level 2015-11-26 21:07:44

» Understanding a french movie trailer

Do you love cinema? Discover an author: Boris Vian... a movie: "L'écume des jours" (literally: The Foam of Days, a.k.a. "Froth on the Daydream")... a...


N° 30 - 843 Comprehension / Intermediate level 2015-11-26 21:02:10

» Onion soup with a little bit of present imperatif

Chef Samuel arrives directly from Mexico to make us discover the scents and colors of the french cuisine. French grammar exercise.

N° 30 - 842 Comprehension / Intermediate level 2015-11-26 21:02:05

» Watermelon salad with present imperatif

Bonjour de France presents Samuel Hernandez, a young chef who learns french in Nice. Today we will prepare a salad with a bit of present imperative.

N° 28 - 803 Comprehension / Expert level 2015-11-26 21:00:10

» The French 'palace' label, high-end hotels

Did you know that in France there are only thirteen institutions that are part of the very privileged circle of Palaces? Come and discover the criteri...


N° 28 - 798 Comprehension / Intermediate level 2015-11-26 20:59:47

» Understanding a travel guide

Want to travel the world? Get your bags packed, open your eyes, and discover new destinations. Bonjour de France has an oral comprehension exercise re...

N° 28 - 789 Comprehension / Expert level 2015-11-26 20:59:05

» French in the Land of the Rising Sun, level C1

Level C1. Travel in French! Dreaming about travel? With Pierre Loti, meet literature and history with a capital "H". Japan awaits you...


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