FLE exercises


level Beginner

« Comprendre c’est prendre pour soi » du latin cum prendere. Elémentaire A1 : « Je peux comprendre une intervention si elle est lente et soigneusement articulée et comprend de longues pauses qui permettent d’en assimiler le sens ». CECRL. Bonjour de France met ici à votre disposition des exercices de compréhension à partir de différents supports tels que articles, enregistrements audio et dialogues. C’est l’occasion d'apprendre de nouvelles expressions, d'aborder des sujets familiers et de tester votre compréhension globale.

N° 32 - 933 Comprehension / Beginner level

» Gastronomy and FLE (French as a Foreign Language). An easy recipe to prepare: pilaf rice

"Gastronomy is the art of using nourishment to create joy". Come learn the secrets of this discipline with us!!!

N° 1 - 903 Comprehension / Beginner level

» Understanding a poem

Share a very curious breakfast with Jacques Prévert, author of this poem full with emotions and images.

N° 6 - 787 Comprehension / Beginner level

» Understanding the descriptiong of a town

Before you can decide where to go for vacation, you need to be able to understand the description of a town, village, or region. Here's an exercise to...


N° 15 - 758 Comprehension / Beginner level

» Understanding a brochure: 'Silence, we dance!'

To familiarize yourself with brochures about outings and events, here are some exercises on an original document: "Silence on danse!"

N° 7 - 746 Comprehension / Beginner level

» Preparing for your stay in France

A young girl's journal entry about preparing for her stay in France!

N° 28 - 735 Comprehension / Beginner level

» Understanding a tourism advertisement

Need some sun??? Take a vacation with Bonjour de France. Sun, sand, and surf are on the horizon! Comprehension exercise for beginners.


N° 26 - 720 Comprehension / Beginner level

» Understanding a musical agenda: The Midem Festival

Listen to a resident of Cannes talk about the Midem Festival. To find out more, just look at the program!

N° 15 - 692 Comprehension / Beginner level

» Nursery rhymes for kids- early French

Here's an activity about understanding nursery rhymes that the little ones will love!

N° 1 - 678 Comprehension / Beginner level

» Understanding the biography of a musician

Do you know Tal? Have you heard her songs? Tal is an exceptional French singer!

N° 14 - 674 Comprehension / Beginner level

» Understanding a concert poster

Bonjour de France presents the "Liberté, égalité, amour" concert! Read the poster to find out more!

N° 14 - 671 Comprehension / Beginner level

» Making phone calls in French

Does making phone calls in French distress you? Here are two exercises to familiarize you with the most commonly used expressions.

N° 2 - 657 Comprehension / Beginner level

» Written comprehension: 5 Continents School

It's back-to-school and there are lots of new faces to meet!