FLE exercises


level Intermediate

« Comprendre c’est prendre pour soi » du latin cum prendere. Intermédiaire A2 : « Je suis capable de comprendre assez pour pouvoir répondre à des besoins concrets à condition que la diction soit claire et le débit lent ». CECRL. Bonjour de France vous propose de travailler et d’améliorer votre compréhension de la langue française à partir de divers exercices de choix multiple en abordant des sujets intéressants et adaptés à votre niveau.

N° 7 - 936 Comprehension / Intermediate level

» Spring thaw, reading comprehension

Discover an other cultural reality of Québec while enlarging your vocabulary!

N° 16 - 863 Comprehension / Intermediate level

» The present indicatif and the goat tartlets

Want to learn french while cooking? Are you studying the french cuisine? Are you a foodie? Do you like the french culture?

N° 1 - 851 Comprehension / Intermediate level

» The Nobel Prize

Discover the fascinating history of the Nobel Prize thanks to this very interesting video! Go for it!


N° 30 - 843 Comprehension / Intermediate level

» Onion soup with a little bit of present imperatif

Chef Samuel arrives directly from Mexico to make us discover the scents and colors of the french cuisine. French grammar exercise.

N° 30 - 842 Comprehension / Intermediate level

» Watermelon salad with present imperatif

Bonjour de France presents Samuel Hernandez, a young chef who learns french in Nice. Today we will prepare a salad with a bit of present imperative.

N° 7 - 838 Comprehension / Intermediate level

» Scientific french... How to make candy?

If you are "gourmand" and you want to test you listening comprehension in french, this exercise is for you! Level A2


N° 28 - 798 Comprehension / Intermediate level

» Understanding a travel guide

Want to travel the world? Get your bags packed, open your eyes, and discover new destinations. Bonjour de France has an oral comprehension exercise re...

N° 14 - 785 Comprehension / Intermediate level

» Understanding a tourism report

Your summer holidays have never been so ... trendy! Discover a new way of travelling to enjoy all there to see in Nice!

N° 3 - 765 Comprehension / Intermediate level

» Understanding secularism in France

France is a secular nation, like many others. However, there are still some things that are particular to France: read the text and don't forget the e...

N° 13 - 763 Comprehension / Intermediate level

» Exploring the museums of Nice

Read the text about some of Nice's most important museums! These activities will help you get a closer look inside the museums.

N° 1 - 753 Comprehension / Intermediate level

» Understanding paperwork and giving simple information

Follow Marina and discover the steps to get your student residence permit!

N° 10 - 712 Comprehension / Intermediate level

» Understanding an interview with an artist

Let's discover what Yor thinks of music!