FLE exercises


level Advanced

« Comprendre c’est prendre pour soi » du latin cum prendere. Avancé B1-B2 : « Je suis capable de comprendre une langue orale standard en direct ou à la radio sur des sujets familiers et non familiers se rencontrant normalement dans la vie personnelle, sociale, universitaire ou professionnelle. » CECRL. Dans cette rubrique, Bonjour de France vous propose un large choix de supports oraux et écrits pour approfondir vos connaissances et pour évaluer votre compréhension du français.

N° 11 - 921 Comprehension / Advanced level

» Sorosoro, Languages of the World: inventory before disappearance

Would you like to know how do experts do to backup endangered languages? Your turn to play! Discover the tasks of Sorosoro!

N° 12 - 904 Comprehension / Advanced level

» Understanding 'Mon rêve familier' (My familial dream) by Paul Verlaine

Do you love the verlainian poetry? Do you enjoy the "Poèmes saturniens" (Saturnian poems)? If your are in doubt, discover them thanks to this activity...

N° 1 - 856 Comprehension / Advanced level

» Scientific French: Understanding Dyslexia

Listening comprehension activity for level B2


N° 11 - 855 Comprehension / Advanced level

» Understanding a popularisation interview

Renewable energy or non renewable energy, that is the question! Level B1 comprehension exercise. Scientific french.

N° 27 - 774 Comprehension / Advanced level

» Writing and reacting on a societal subject: gender equality

Interested in societal subjects? Are you passionate about the condition of women and human rights? Support gender equality and express your opinions i...

N° 2 - 768 Comprehension / Advanced level

» Understanding the origin of March 8th

Surely you know that March 8th is International Women's Day. Do you know how this day came about?


N° 16 - 757 Comprehension / Advanced level

» The separation of powers and political institutions in France

Learn how the political system works in France.

N° 16 - 756 Comprehension / Advanced level

» The separation of powers

To learn how the political system works in France, you must first know about the different democratic systems.

N° 13 - 745 Comprehension / Advanced level

» Understanding a historical event: The Fifth Republic

Are you able to understand an authentic document about a historical event?

N° 26 - 716 Comprehension / Advanced level

» Understanding a music review, level B2

Before you go to a theatre production, buy an album or concert tickets, you check out the expert and spectator reviews...

N° 26 - 715 Comprehension / Advanced level

» Understanding a report: music and internet (B2)

What exactly are you buying when you download a movie or an album? Who owns the music that is bought online?

N° 10 - 608 Comprehension / Advanced level

» Listening comprehension exercise: harassment at work

What do you know about harassment at work? Here are listening comprehension exercises to inform you!