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French Grammar

Bonjour de France provides worksheets covering grammatical functions, exercises adapted to your level, all of which are online and easily accessible. At any time you can review the grammatical structures seen in class, measure your knowledge and test your progress. Are you ready? To your keyboards!

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N° 23 - 580 French Grammar / Autonomous level

» Double pronouns

If double pronouns pose a problem for you, this activity is for you! With Bonjour de France, French grammar becomes as simple as... saying hello!

N° 13 - 566 French Grammar / Intermediate level

» Expressions of time

Expressions of time: since, during, when, in, ago, until, as.

N° 8 - 561 French Grammar / Advanced level

» The anterior past, another exercise

Graciela has concocted a lesson for you and a grammar exercise on the anterior past.


N° 14 - 558 French Grammar / Beginner level

» Du, de la, beaucoup de / some, a lot of... and other quantity expressions

"Du, de la, beacoup de"... there are so many words to describe amounts in French! But, it is less complicated than it seems. Come on, let's find out t...

N° 6 - 557 French Grammar / Beginner level

» Color adjectives

Vojka, French teacher in Serbia, tells us a little story about colour adjectives.

N° 4 - 554 French Grammar / Advanced level

» A grammatical lesson on the pronoun

Today, we offer you grammar exercises to discover the secrets of the pronoun.


N° 15 - 553 French Grammar / Advanced level

» An expression of cause: even more than, even less than...

Objective: to be able to express cause using the phrases "even more than"... "even less than"... "even better than"...

N° 3 - 552 French Grammar / Intermediate level

» The future simple in the indicative form

Put your grammatical knowledge into practice and revise your French online with Bonjour de France.


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