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French Grammar

level Intermediate

« Grammar is a sweet, gentle song » Eric Orsenna. Elementary A1: « I have limited control of sentence structures and simple grammatical forms belonging to a memorized repetoire. » CECRL. Through each new addition to Bonjour de France, the new exercises help you strengthen your knowledge of French grammar. The diversity of materials, the variety of exercises and the wealth of documents break up the monotony. Grammar is not congruent with boredom!

N° 15 - 988 French Grammar / Intermediate level

» Using the conditional (mood manner), level A2

Grammar exercise, level A2. The forms and values of the conditional. Read the lesson and then train yourself!!!

N° 8 - 938 French Grammar / Intermediate level

» The future tense of regular and irregular verbs

The future tense, it's simple! You just have to read our lesson and do the exercises that follow to realize it.

N° 9 - 925 French Grammar / Intermediate level

» Identify the imperative form

Using a dialogue (via whatsapp) the student will recognize the imperative mode in the negative / affirmative form. He will also acquire more vocabular...


N° 31 - 875 French Grammar / Intermediate level

» Personal pronouns COD (direct object complement) or COI (indirect object complement)? Useful reminders!!

What's the point of writing complicated sentences? Want to know how the COD and COI pronouns can be used in sentences? With this activity you will fin...

N° 8 - 870 French Grammar / Intermediate level

» Express interdiction and obligation in french

A ride in a national park ... Signs in national parks can help us practice the expressions for interdiction and obligation in french.

N° 2 - 823 French Grammar / Intermediate level

» The use of articles and prepositions before geographical proper names

What article or preposition to choose for a town, an area, a country? "À, au, aux, en, sur, dans, de, du, des"? (To, to the, in, of, from?) Let's get...


N° 2 - 773 French Grammar / Intermediate level

» A thunderbolt in Luxembourg!

Read this text written by a group of students from Luxembourg. Then, do the attached exercises!

N° 5 - 704 French Grammar / Intermediate level

» Prepositions 'entre' and 'parmi'

"Entre" (between) or "parmi" (among)?

N° 6 - 663 French Grammar / Intermediate level

» Expressing quantities in French I

Test your knowledge of partitive articles!

N° 6 - 662 French Grammar / Intermediate level

» Expressing quantities in French II

Do you drink plenty of water and eat enough fruit and vegetables? Test your knowledge of quantity expressions!

N° 25 - 648 French Grammar / Intermediate level

» The French verbs savoir and connaître

"Savoir" or "connaître"? (to know) It's not always an easy decision...

N° 11 - 645 French Grammar / Intermediate level

» Comparisons in French... ready, set, compare!

Comparing is not reason! More... than, less... than, as... as.


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