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French Grammar

level Autonomous

« Grammar is a sweet, gentle song » Eric Orsenna. Intermediate A2: « I can use simple sentence structures correctly but I systematically make basic mistakes, for example, confusing tenses and forgetting to make agreements. The general meaning or sense is clear.» CECRL. Navigating through the intricacies of French grammar is not easy! Bonjour de France will help you correct your most common mistakes by providing a bank of exercise you can access repeatedly at your leisure.

N° 16 - 847 French Grammar / Autonomous level

» The past participle agreement, a review

The holidays are already far away... but memories last a lifetime!!! Bonjour de France explains the agreement for the past participle. French grammar...

N° 30 - 818 French Grammar / Autonomous level

» Cause and effect

Do you know the conjunctions that express cause and effect? Quickly to your keyboards!

N° 5 - 733 French Grammar / Autonomous level

» Present participle or verbal adjective?

Present participle or verbal adjective?


N° 26 - 713 French Grammar / Autonomous level

» The pronoun 'DONT', french grammar

All you need to know about the pronoun "DONT"; lesson and exercises available online.

N° 4 - 699 French Grammar / Autonomous level

» Indicative or Subjunctive? Level B1

The eternal question: indicative or subjunctive? Does this seem like a tough question? Discover the "world" of the subjunctive with Bonjour de France.

N° 1 - 696 French Grammar / Autonomous level

» Future perfect tense, level B2

The future perfect tense can be used with the simple future to express an action that will have happened before a second action.


N° 3 - 693 French Grammar / Autonomous level

» French adverbs

There are different kinds of adverbs, many of which have the -ment suffix. Come discover French adverbs!!!

N° 2 - 688 French Grammar / Autonomous level

» Comparative and superlative adjectives

Grammar exercises from the Sorbonne B1 book. Preparation exercises for the Sorbonne certification exams.

N° 15 - 684 French Grammar / Autonomous level

» Adjective agreements

Adjectives agree in gender and in number with the noun that they are modifying.

N° 8 - 683 French Grammar / Autonomous level

» Feminine nouns and adjectives

Grammar exercises from the Sorbonne B1 book. Provided by Vicky Louri-Limniati.

N° 13 - 682 French Grammar / Autonomous level

» Definite, indefinite, contracted, and partitive articles in French

Vicky Louri-Limniati is the author of very useful books which cover all the certification materials offered by the Sorbonne...

N° 14 - 676 French Grammar / Autonomous level

» Forming plural nounds and adjectives

Add an -s to make singular nouns and adjectives plural... but there are always exceptions!


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