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French Vocabulary

Bonjour de France will help you expand your vocabulary by discovering new words, new meanings and new idiomatic expressions. You can use them in different situations, in different fields and at different levels. On your mark, get set... go!

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N° 1 - 643 French Vocabulary / Advanced level

» Vocabulary: comparisons

What's the link between animals/objects and human qualities? Comparisons, of course! Enjoy the following exercises!

N° 11 - 618 French Vocabulary / Intermediate level

» French vocabulary: the tastes and fragrances

Synesthesia is a phenomenon where two or more senses are intertwined. Do you have it?

N° 5 - 612 French Vocabulary / Advanced level

» Titre Allemand

Description allemande


N° 14 - 609 French Vocabulary / Advanced level

» Francophone expressions

Bonjour de France offers you an amusing lesson on Francophone expressions. Ready to discover them?

N° 23 - 599 French Vocabulary / Expert level

» Acronyms, level C1

Do you feel as though you cannot understand French when you read the economic news column? Get in on the secrets of business jargon: acronyms, abbrev...

N° 23 - 591 French Vocabulary / Intermediate level

» Vocabulary: jobs in a company

What are the professions and who are the professionals that we find in companies of today and how will they change in the future?


N° 23 - 576 French Vocabulary / Autonomous level

» Sectors of the French Economy

Do you know the main sectors of activity in France? No??? Here is an exercise on vocabulary to help you out. An exercise in Business French.

N° 23 - 568 French Vocabulary / Beginner level

» Vocabulary: administrative documents

Administration or complication? With BDF you can learn and understand the vocabulary useful when you have to go through the administrative processes a...


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