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French Vocabulary

level Autonomous

"Vocabulary is a rich pasture of words," Homère. Intermediate A2: : I possess a narrow repertoire dealing with concrete everyday needs." CECRL. No need to use your dictionary, Bonjour de France provides you with an assortment of words required to express yourself in a francophone country. By practicing regularly you will feel comfortable in every act of daily life.

N° 4 - 935 French Vocabulary / Autonomous level

» The death of millions of trees in Quebec and across North America, caused by the emerald

Discover another cultural reality of Quebec while enriching your vocabulary!

N° 32 - 907 French Vocabulary / Autonomous level

» Geometric shapes and figures

Are you in shape? Yes? In the shape of a heart or a square instead? If you have any doubts, we suggest a little training in the field of geometry.

N° 31 - 873 French Vocabulary / Autonomous level

» The symbolism of colors

Each color has a different meaning. What do you think? If you want to know what color can be used in the following sentences, go ahead!


N° 5 - 859 French Vocabulary / Autonomous level

» The 'animalization' of our weather vocabulary and some idioms...

Do you want to know how we can use idiomatic expressions to describe the weather? Have fun choosing the right answears.

N° 16 - 858 French Vocabulary / Autonomous level

» The scientific laboratory, vocabulary

Want to make a small explosion? Have a blast discovering the French names of different instruments in the scientific laboratory!

N° 11 - 805 French Vocabulary / Autonomous level

» Different types of tourist lodgings

Before leaving on vacation, discover the various types of tourist lodgings you can try! Vocabulary exercise level B1.


N° 8 - 804 French Vocabulary / Autonomous level

» FOS: French in the Tourism Sector

Do you work in the tourism sector? Lucky you! Want to learn French? 3, 2, 1... let's go!

N° 9 - 668 French Vocabulary / Autonomous level

» French expressions: love

It's the time of the season... Whether you're romantic or pragmatic, you'll love these exercises! Go ahead and we'll have fun together!

N° 23 - 576 French Vocabulary / Autonomous level

» Sectors of the French Economy

Do you know the main sectors of activity in France? No??? Here is an exercise on vocabulary to help you out. An exercise in Business French.

N° 21 - 499 French Vocabulary / Autonomous level

» Extreme sports in French

In the sea, in the sky, on the snow, on land... Bonjour de France helps you push your limits!!

N° 19 - 429 French Vocabulary / Autonomous level

» Words of the French youth

Do you have an idea of the words currently used by the French youth? Not at all or not that much? Do our exercises to stay on top of things!

N° 18 - 385 French Vocabulary / Autonomous level

» Vocabulary to express your opinion, at the restaurant

Express your satisfaction or dissatisfaction at a restaurant.


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