FLE exercises

French Vocabulary

level Advanced

"Vocabulary is a rich pasture of words," Homère. Advanced B1-B2: "The accuracy of vocabulary is generally high although confusion and incorrect word choice occurs without hindering communication." CECRL. Do you have to work on specific vocabulary and improve your performance in writing? Bonjour de France offers you a diverse collection of diverse exercises to help you fix your little flaws and to enhance your level of language.

N° 32 - 929 French Vocabulary / Advanced level

» The types of paintings, painting vocabulary

A landscape, a portrait, a still life ... How to talk about art and painting in French? This exercise gives you the lexical tools to do it. Vocabulary...

N° 7 - 924 French Vocabulary / Advanced level

» Theater vocabulary

Are you ready to discover the words and expressions from the theater? Hurry up, the curtain rises!

N° 31 - 873 French Vocabulary / Advanced level

» The symbolism of colors

Each color has a different meaning. What do you think? If you want to know what color can be used in the following sentences, go ahead!


N° 2 - 846 French Vocabulary / Advanced level

» Expressions with fruits and vegetables

The French often use fruit and vegetables in their expressions? With this exercises from Bonjour de France you will never be taken for a sucker ("pren...

N° 30 - 809 French Vocabulary / Advanced level

» Identify and understand the verbs in the scientific discourse

This activity will focus on the verbs that give an explanation or a speech a scientific "tone".

N° 28 - 788 French Vocabulary / Advanced level

» Going on vacation, vocabulary B2

Vacation in France! The landscapes, the countryside... Time to hit the road! But: here are some tips and reminders for safe travel.


N° 13 - 721 French Vocabulary / Advanced level

» Words with meaning that changes depending on the gender

Feminine or masculine? Did you know that in French, there are words that can be either masculine or feminine, with different meanings either way?

N° 26 - 707 French Vocabulary / Advanced level

» Musical actions

This activity contains 4 exercises which will help you learn musical vocabulary. BDF will help you orchestrate your verbs.

N° 26 - 700 French Vocabulary / Advanced level

» Sheet music vocabulary in French

Here are a range of words and expressions related to music. Just get your fingers on your keyboards...

N° 13 - 698 French Vocabulary / Advanced level

» Idioms: music

Today, Bonjour de France is taking you into the wonderful world of music! Get your baguettes or actually your keyboards ready!

N° 2 - 673 French Vocabulary / Advanced level

» French idioms: music

It's easy to work idioms into your everyday speech! Go ahead!

N° 5 - 612 French Vocabulary / Advanced level

» Titre Allemand

Description allemande


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