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French Grammar

Bonjour de France provides worksheets covering grammatical functions, exercises adapted to your level, all of which are online and easily accessible. At any time you can review the grammatical structures seen in class, measure your knowledge and test your progress. Are you ready? To your keyboards!

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N° 12 - 135 French Grammar / Intermediate level

» Tonic pronouns

Who is willing, you? You are more courageous than I am for tackling tonic pronouns!!! Bravo...

N° 15 - 134 French Grammar / Intermediate level

» Expressing cause

Given that you have done lots of French exercises thanks to Bonjour de France, you will pass your exams!!!

N° 15 - 133 French Grammar / Autonomous level

» Expressing consequence

BDF proposes expressing consequence: which is why you will do the exercises that follow, as a result you will pass the DELF.


N° 4 - 132 French Grammar / Intermediate level

» French conjugation (indicative)

One song by "Cloclo" (Claude François) will help you review the indicative mood. Discover it quickly!

N° 2 - 131 French Grammar / Autonomous level

» The near future tenses in French, simple and perfect

Rendezvous with the future! It's not science fiction... The present has the value of the future tense, the near future, the future simple and the futu...

N° 2 - 130 French Grammar / Autonomous level

» Complement pronouns in French

Direct and indirect object complement personal pronouns, they're convenient. Check the by turning over the page!!!


N° 2 - 129 French Grammar / Autonomous level

» Present conditional mood

The conditional present, it's simple: verb in the infinitive + endings in the imperfect. But, don't forget to learn the irregular verbs!!!

N° 3 - 127 French Grammar / Autonomous level

» The 'compound past' vs. the imperfect tense, their differences

I didn't know the difference between the "imparfait" (imperfect) and the "passé composé" ("compound past"), so I went to the Bonjour de France site. Y...


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