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French Grammar

Bonjour de France provides worksheets covering grammatical functions, exercises adapted to your level, all of which are online and easily accessible. At any time you can review the grammatical structures seen in class, measure your knowledge and test your progress. Are you ready? To your keyboards!

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N° 9 - 125 French Grammar / Intermediate level

» The passive voice

The passive voice is quite active: it causes changes in the subject of the active verb, the complement of the object, and the active verb itself!

N° 3 - 123 French Grammar / Intermediate level

» Articles: l', la, le...

The definite, indefinite and partitive articles: the (le, la les, l'), a and an (un, une) and some (du, de la, de l'), we always need someone smaller...

N° 12 - 122 French Grammar / Autonomous level

» Tonic pronouns: me, you, him/her...

Me, I'm French, but you, what are you? Tonic pronouns, nice name, imply that we are as well. It's up to you!


N° 77 - 121 French Grammar / Intermediate level

» Pronominal verbs in French

BDF has some work for you: a reading lesson, an observation activity and exercises all so that you become a pro at pronominal verbs.

N° 6 - 120 French Grammar / Beginner level

» The French negative form

Knowing how to say no is an essential skill !!! I do not want to work, I do not like the winter, I do not eat canned food...

N° 9 - 119 French Grammar / Beginner level

» The three interrogative forms...

In French, we can ask questions in three different ways. Why make it simple when you can make it complicated? You will get there!


N° 13 - 118 French Grammar / Beginner level

» Prepositions of place + contracted articles

Where are you? On the right, underneath, next to, in the middle of, in the proximity of... the beach, the mountain, the forest, Brazil, Mexico?

N° 8 - 117 French Grammar / Beginner level

» Some 3rd group verbs a little difficult

Vouloir, pouvoir, devoir, faire, vendre (to want, to be able to, to have to, to make or do, to sell)!!! There is nothing like practice to allow you to...


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