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French Vocabulary

Bonjour de France will help you expand your vocabulary by discovering new words, new meanings and new idiomatic expressions. You can use them in different situations, in different fields and at different levels. On your mark, get set... go!

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N° 16 - 188 French Vocabulary / Expert level

» Vocabulary exercise: familiar words of the media

Tonight, will we watch the telly (la téloche) or will we go to the movies? Neither, I prefer to listen to music (zicmu)... Well then!!! Let's get to w...

N° 16 - 187 French Vocabulary / Beginner level

» Music genres in French

Rap, protest songs, French variety, rock, ska... do you know the musical genres and the French artists? Listen quickly!!!

N° 15 - 186 French Vocabulary / Expert level

» The miscellaneous column, vocabulary exercises

The "briefs" of newspapers called "miscellaneous facts" or "crushed dogs" have a particular lexicon. Be curious!!!


N° 15 - 185 French Vocabulary / Advanced level

» Vocabulary: urban planning

Do you know the vocabulary related to urban planning? It will hold no more secrets for you after watching the video and doing the exercises!

N° 11 - 184 French Vocabulary / Advanced level

» French heritage, French vocabulary

On the third weekend of September the "Heritage Days" take place. Discover the origin of the "Heritage" and the associated vocabulary!

N° 14 - 183 French Vocabulary / Advanced level

» French vocabulary: feelings

I am losing my temper, I'm in a fog and, there, it was love at first sight!!! I become as gentle as a lamb ... Get a grip on French expressions !


N° 15 - 182 French Vocabulary / Intermediate level

» Vocabulary: public services in French

Do you know the public services in France? The post office, the prefecture, the town hall, the police, the firehouse... Go ahead, turn the page.

N° 7 - 181 French Vocabulary / Intermediate level

» Homonyms in French

Homonyms: words that are pronounce the same way but which do not mean the same thing! A pain in the neck, yes...


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